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Mike Wills Learning Services
Resources and Services for Learners, Trainers and Educators
Mike Wills Learning Services

 Anecdotes and Fables  Quotations  Icebreakers and Exercises
Anecdotes and FablesAnecdotes and Fables to illustrate learning points in your presentations
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QuotesQuotes to use in your training sessions and materials.
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Icebreakers and ExercisesIcebreakers, brain teasers and exercises to energize your sessions.
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 Gurus  Hints and Tips  Learning and Training Resources    
GurusA guide to Who’s Who in the world of training and organizational development.
Hints and TipsHints and tips for training and development.
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Learning ResourcesResources, articles and learning materials.
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 Managing the Training Process      Learning Forum  Learning Bargains
Managing the Training ProcessThe complete guide to training and training management.
ChatAsk a question, start a discussion, coach or be coached at the MWLS Learning Forum.
Learning BargainsBooks and other learning resources at bargain prices.
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 Consultants and Suppliers  Links  Training Centres
Consultants and SuppliersA directory of organizational development/training consultants and suppliers.

LinksLinks to other web sites that are related to individual and organizational learning.
Training CentresA directory of training and conference centres.
Learning News Thought for the Day  Glossary
Macbook locked during Yosemite Beta installation
I thought I would get OSX Yosemite early by signing up for the consumer beta trial. I downloaded the installation package and started the install. All went well to begin with but after restart the installation stopped due to an error. more...

"Ich hatte mich nicht genügend schlau gemacht über die kulturellen Eigenarten des Landes. Es war mein schwerster Fehler.
I had not understood the country's cultural characteristics. It was my worst mistake."

Gunnar P. Wilmot

GlossaryGlossary of training and organizational development terms.
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