Learning and Training Resources

Programs, Spreadsheets and Other Tools
Alcohol Units Calculator (Android)
Alcohol Units Calculator (Desktop Application)
Alcohol Units Calculator (Web App)
Amazon Marketplace Profit Calculator (Online)
Business Jargon Generator (Java for Windows and Linux Desktops)
Business Jargon Generator (macOS)
Business Jargon Generator (Online)
Country Information
DateCalc (Desktop Application)
Dates (Web App)
Day of the Week
Eliza, your Personal Coach
Elusive Easter
Feedback Analysis Spreadsheet
Fog Index and Reading Age Calculator
Gantt Chart Spreadsheet
ISBN Lookup
Meeting Observation Form
Paired Comparisons
Pairs (PDF)
Reading Age Calculator (Desktop Application)
Risk Attitude Questionnaire
Risk Attitude Questionnaire (Desktop Application)
Risk Attitude Questionnaire (Web App)
Seating Plans
Skills Matrix
Trainers' Checklists
Website Ranking Tools

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