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Learning and Training Resources
Over 100 learning and training resources
Mike Wills Learning Services

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Over 100 learning and training resources* including articles, handouts, learning materials, programs, spreadsheets and other tools.
Many of these resources are free, some can be bought online and the whole collection can be accessed by joining our

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Some of these resources are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. For these, you will need a free reader which you can download one by clicking on the image below:

*Resources include: Definition of Learning, Learning Transfer, Benchmarking Training, Developing and Delivering Training, Learning Transfer, Measures of Training, Preparing a Training Budget, Training in Foreign Languages and Cultures, Training Networks, Training Philosophy and Policies, Using Managers and Others to Deliver Training, Policy Deployment, The Use of Competencies in Employee Development, Brainstorming, Consensus, Delphi Consultation Process, Effective Reading, Memorizing Numbers, Stress Management, Time Management, Coaching Tips, Contingency Planning, Dealing with Difficult Behaviour, Decision-making Styles, Discussion Leading, Giving Feedback, Keeping Meetings on Track, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Monitoring and Intervening, Questioning Techniques, Writing Behavioural Objectives, Almanacs, International Holidays and Country Information, Risk Attitude Questionnaire, Seating Plans, Skills Matrix, Task Analysis program, Trainers' checklists...

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